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This wiki contains information about software collections, especially collections not in the Computer History Museum or the ComputerHistoryMuseum ComputerHistoryMuseum.

This Wiki is implemented with Zwiki and uses Zope and Plone.

There are multiple choices for the format for Wiki pages. Currently, we recommend using StructuredText.

Here is another page Another Collection. Which is different from AnotherCollection which is the same as AnotherCollection.


Here is the HelpPage.

You'll find additional Zwiki documentation and help at . Don't forget to check the release notes and known issues.

Other things you may want to configure:

  • Permissions
    You normally configure permissions in the wiki folder's Security tab in the ZMI. ZWiki:FAQs has a list.
  • Mail out (subscription)
    To mail out comments, use the ZMI to add a mail_replyto string property on the folder with a valid email address. Also add a MailHost object if you don't already have one. Reload this page and the subscribe link should appear.
  • Mail in
    So that users will be able to reply to comments by mail - see ZWiki:WikiMail.
  • External (client-side) editing

Install ZWiki:ExternalEditor on server and client as described on that page. EE's pencil icon should appear and clicking it should open pages for editing in your preferred editor.

  • A bug tracker
    A simple issue tracker integrated with the wiki. See ZWiki:HowToInstallAZwikiTracker
  • DTML
    If you want to enable live DTML code in pages, add a true allow_dtml boolean property on the folder. This makes your server much more vulnerable to abuse, you should be aware of the ZWiki:ZwikiSecurity implications.

Enjoy your wiki!


Here is a comment for you --mlpowelltest, Mon, 14 Nov 2005 17:47:11 -0800 reply
Why is there air?

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