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W. Kirk Snyder? Guide to SETL2 Installation.

by Paul McJones last modified 2021-02-23 17:52

W. Kirk Snyder? Guide to SETL2 Installation.

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SETL2, which was implemented by Kirk Snyder ( runs
on many computers including Sun3 (SUNOS 4), Sun4 (SUNOS 4), IBM
RS-6000 (AIX 3.1), DEC RISC product line (Ultrix 4.0), HP-9000, Apple
Macintosh (with the MPW environment), Extended MS-DOS (80286 and
higher processors with extended memory).  To install, just transfer a
compressed tar file of SETL2 binaries.  The tar file contains 1mb;
uncompressing it requires 4mb, which will collapse to 1mb after the
installation is complete.

To install SETL2, just ftp to, login with user name
"anonymous" and password "guest", and look through the file names for
a machine that matches the one you want to install SETL2 on.  Alternatively,
use netscape to go to the SETL2 ftp site at URL  

The directives below are used to install the Sparc version.

cd pub/languages/setl2
get Sun4.tar.Z
uncompress Sun4.tar.Z
tar -vxf Sun4.tar #creates setl2-2.2 and subdirectories in current directory
\rm Sun4.tar

Suppose you performed the tar operation in path <dir>.  Then the SETL2
interpreter is in directory <dir>/setl2-2.2/bin, which must be added
to your path either in your .cshrc or .login file.  Also, all SETL2
programs must be placed by the SETL2 compiler into a SETL2 program
library before they can be executed.  The name of the file containing
this library is stored in environment flag SETL2_LIB.  The library
must first be created before it is ever used.  To create an empty
program library setl.lib, you type

stll -c setl.lib

Then to use it, you can place the command

setenv SETL2_LIB <full path to file setl.lib>

in your .cshrc or .login file.

Once your SETL2 library is created, you can compile a setl2 program named
ready in an arbitrary file, say readysim.stl, by typing

stlc -s readysim

where a listing with line numbers and errors is found in file


Any program compiled into the setl2 program library can be executed using
the setl2 interpreter stlx.  For example, to execute program ready with
input, where output is to be placed in ready.out, just type

stlx ready < > ready.out

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