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by Paul McJones last modified 2007-02-02 09:35

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ident	"@(#)cfront:README	1.4"
This is the AT&T C++ Translator, Release 1.0.

Some extra hints about porting the translator:

1. Check the headers in incl/ to make sure they match your Unix.
   Also, change src/size.h to match your c compiler.

2. If you change stdio.h or ctype.h, you'll also have to make the
changes to the files in the scratch directory.
(See the file scratch/bsd.sed for a suggested sed script for BSD 4.2 users.)

3. If your architecture has a different understanding of structure sizes than
Unix system V, you will have to find the structure sizes that are passed to
_new() in the files in the scratch directory, and change them.

4. If you want to try to build the translator without putting things in
    /usr/include or /usr/lib:
    The environment variable LIBRARY can be set and exported to specify
    a new name for the standard C++ library:

    LIBRARY=/usr/johnsmith/lib/libC.a; export LIBRARY

    Note that, unlike setting LIB_ID, this means that the library need not be in
    /lib or /usr/lib.

    The environment variable I can be set and exported to specify 
    the directory that contains the header files (default /usr/include/CC):

    I=/usr/johnsmith/include; export I

5. BSD Users will want to follow the following checklist:
5.1. Change incl/stdio.h to add the _bufsiz element to the _iob structure.
5.2. Don't use the ctype.h in the incl/ directory.
     Use the regular c ctype.h (in /usr/include) instead.  This is because
     BSD uses _ctype_ instead of _ctype for the array name.
5.3. Run bsd.sed in the scratch directory.  This will update the file structures
     and _ctype array in the scratch files.
5.4. In the main makefile, set


    This will pass "-DBSD" to the build of the compiler, and make sure that
    ranlib is run on the standard C++ library.
5.5 Now, you can follow the regular bootstrapping procedure.

* Unix is a trademark of AT&T Bell Laboratories.

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